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    Perry Martin Mamaril is a sought after light sculptor and installation artist for originality in his works where beauty is in the achievement of both geometrical imagery, functionality, and its aesthetic using light as a sculptural medium. Perry developed his own sense of industrial design, always using native Filipino products and giving his works Filipino names. The excellence in his craftsmanship and designs awed tough New York critics that parallels the inspirations of Isamu Noguchi. Perry has held international artist residencies and joined solo and group shows in many distinguished art institutions in many countries.

    Hails from the Cordillera province, Philippines, Perry uses bamboo as a symbol of the resilience of the Filipino people. With materials greatly influenced by indigenous culture, Perry engages the interplay of the traditional and contemporary, of first world and third world, without compromising heritage nor style. Most of his works are celebrated as interior and architectural design in world class restaurants and by chic homeowners.

    While Perry indulges on his new series of light sculptures, he stirs in great flavor to the culinary scene as he grates his passion into edible art. Food is close to the heart of a Filipino-born, who has the appetite for good taste and strong food tradition. Not an accident, but in his passionate struggle to create his own identity, Perry with natural hands for great flavor and style, earned a reputation as Sous Chef of well-established restaurants in New York City. Perry shares the aroma of his inspirations as he orchestrates the colors of the harvest into a plateful of authentic signature dishes to fulfill the gastronomic desires of food enthusiasts. With his masterful grace in turning anything into a work of art, cooking evolved as the organic integration of all his skillful experimentation as a well-rounded artist. Perry knows the closest way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach for he offers you a whole package that surely lights up your life.

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